Book Keeping

newcastle book keeping

Every business needs to keep track of its records and it needs to be done regularly. Our book keeping services will keep track of all your records, ensuring your books are balanced, and that you are always aware of your financial situation.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are a great way to keep track for your cash flow movements. Our book keeping service allows your business to keep a tight grip on your money.

Full Annual Book Keeping

Each year we can provide a full annual book keeping report. This enables you to compare how your business is doing year on year, allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks – such as running your business!

Monthly Book Keeping

As with your annual report it is wise to keep track of your financial status each month. With a monthly book keeping report you can keep a very close track of your situation and help  identify problem areas in advance of the end of year.


Audits can be very intimidating. Your books will be scrutinised from top to bottom to ensure everything is correct. We ensure everything is order from day one, your tax payments, staff payments and offsets will all be  correct so you needn’t worry!


If you employ staff at your business you will have to ensure they are being paid correctly. The payroll system PAYE (pay as you earn) is in place to make paying tax easier. Our service ensures you are paying the correct amount of tax and filling in the correct paperwork.


We wanted to concentrate on developing a sound business for the future and Malcolm's help and advice has allowed us to do that

Ruth Dance
Salto UK